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Why Buy Skate Shoes?

If you are boarding and don't have skate shoes, you need to get them NOW! Once you've tried skate shoes, you will wonder why you waited.

There is a huge difference between skating with tennis shoes or sneaker versus a good shoe such as a circa skate shoe. So, not only do skate shoes look totally cool, a good shoe will keep you on the edge of your board.


I'll bet you don't even remember when skateboards first started on the scene. I'm guessing no one could have imagined how popular boarding would become. But this was no passing fad and it didn't take long for an array of accessory products to come along including a limited selection of skate shoes.


I don't know about you, but I don't wont to have a limited selection of anything, I want to have my pick of circa skate shoes, kid skate shoes--whatever it is, I want A LOT to choose from. Fortunately, with the explosive popularity of skate boarding, the competition for a solid skate shoe has increased and that is good news for us.

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If you're looking for skate shoes you'll find that Adio skate shoes, Circa skate shoes, Fallen Footware, Globe Shoes and Osiris are some of the popular brands. Look for these features; leather uppers, invisible rubber ollie underlay, optional protective lacing, reinforced upper layering materials and a full length EVA midsole.

Don't skimp when it comes to buying a good shoe because shoes can inspire a lot of confident and become an important tool for good boarding.

It's interesting that boarders don't usually buy from major brand companies like Nike and Adidas. That's probably because boarders don't conform--so they like to buy from manufacturers that are not mainstream.

As you can see, a good skate shoe is worth the minimal investment you need to make. But it is a worthwhile investment because it can make you a better boarder and keep you safer.

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